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My Hands Your Heart, Inc.
MORE PICTURES OF My Hands Your Heart's HOIP program Intern students at "RACE FOR THE CURE"
Sat May 26, 2012          
Yakata Nichols &
President Obama
Mrs. Obama &
Yakata Nichols
Angelic Taylor
Ben Vereen
P Lanette PInkard
 Lou Gossett, Jr and
 P Lanette Pinkard  
Governor Granholm &
P Lanette Pinkard  
We are united here at My Hands Your Heart, Inc.
My Hands Your Heart, Inc. United!
Mrs. Daisy Rivenbark - 2nd from the right came up with the "SIGN"
for My Hands Your Heart! Just like our logo, I love you sign over the
heart stands for: MY HANDS YOUR HEART, INC.! Pass it on!
This is the new
         At our recent board meeting, Mrs. Daisy Rivenbark from North Carolina (2nd from the right) came up with our sign for My Hands Your Heart, Inc.! Pictured here are all of MHYH, Inc.'s board members from left to right starting with front row:  Ms. Earnestine Henderson, Mrs. Evone Butler, Mrs. Lamiria Huddleston, Mrs. P Lanette Pinkard, Mrs. Nancy Yonen, Mrs. Daisy Rivenbark, Mrs. C. Jewel White, back row from left to right: Ms. Jasmine Taylor, Mr. Tchalla Pinkard. (Not pictured: Greg Frohriep).                      
Hello from the team who encourage, enlighten and empower My Hands Your Heart, Inc. to go forward in the vision!
My Hands Your Heart Inc. Members at our team meeting
These pictures are from our recent team meeting at our office! From top to bottom we have:
Angelic Taylor (interpreter), C. Jewel White with son Zechariah (PR Marketing), [next row left] Joy Thomassen (Interpreter, Program Development Specialist), [right] Myra Porter (Interpreter), [next row left] , Yakata Nichols (Interpreter), [middle] Bridgett Crutchfield (Media Asst Tech), [right] Jasmine Taylor (Virtual Administrator), [next row left] Tamara Wright (ASL Dept Head, ASL Instructor, Interpreter), [right] Torrie Bell (ASL Instructor), [next row left] Deepti Sanagavarapv (ASL Instructor, Workshop Presenter), [right] Deidri Hines (ASL Instructor), [next row] Shayla Riggs (Interpreter), [front left] P Lanette Pinkard (Founder, President/CEO) and husband Tchalla Pinkard (Chief Operations Officer), (not pictured - Elizabeth Seres)
Mrs. Daisy Ogolla and Ms. Earnestine Henderson discussing different operations within the My Hands Your Heart, Inc. community!
Deidra Hines one of our ASL instructors and Joy Thomassen program development within My Hands Your Heart, Inc.
To the left: Two board members in a discussion, Mrs. Daisy Rivenbark and  To the right: Two Team members: Deidri Hines (L)
Joy Thomassen (R)
MHYH, Inc.
MHYH Board - Working Together is our theme, uniting communities is our dream!
We work better when we work together!
Connecting GLOBAL communities!
Uniting Communities!~
                    Our 1st Unity in the Community Award Winner
                    Mrs. Valerie Johnson of Touching the Nations!
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For Your Glory Alone - American Sign Language.avi
Valerie Johnson of Touching the Nations, Inc. performs sign language to For Your Glory Alone, a song by gospel recording artist Antonia Lawrence.