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Thank you for visiting My Hands Your Heart, Inc. (MHYH)! 
Our interpreters have been providing sign-language services to the Deaf community for a combination of 35 years.

Mrs. P Lanette Pinkard, founder and CEO of MHYH is stepping down as CEO in 2015. She is entering another phase in her life and profession and gives a warm, heartfelt THANK YOU to each and every agency, organization, interpreter, presenter, student, administrative, development teams and board members for the awesome love, support and work that has been done under her directorship. 

We are providing sign-language services during the interviewing and selection process and training goes on.  
We remain committed to strengthening the business of communication between the Deaf/Hearing communities. We believe in Unity by working together with the community of interpreters and other sign-language providers to facilitate  communication between the Deaf, deaf/blind, hard-of hearing and hearing clients. Our experienced team will gladly assist you with your unique needs.
We welcome out-of-town corporations, and other visitors and will gladly work with you to make your visit here successful as we interpret for you and your deaf participants, employees, or consumers. Should you need us where you are, we will travel to serve you in your community!
We are happy to work with you exactly where you are! We provide a variety of experienced, skilled, nationally certified and state level certified interpreters for your event and will continue working with you to custom design our interpreting services to satisfy your needs.
Come back and visit us again soon to see more new and exciting updates to our website. There's much more to come!